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2019 Career Category Nominees 
(To be narrowed to 15 by Membership Votes, then 6 finalists to be chosen by the Board of Directors.)

Andy & Alison (nominated by Cindy Arnold/Kara Stevens)

Andy (Chris) Ritchie began his radio career in 1984 working at various radio stations during college. From 1989 - 1997 he worked in Charlotte, NC at WLVK/WTDR Radio as an Afternoon Host, Music Director, APD and Mornings.

Alison Mencer began her career in radio at WYAY in Atlanta in 1985 as the receptionist. After 8 months as the receptionist, she was promoted to sales assistant, worked in the promotions department and eventually became an on - air personality at night. In 1992 Alison moved to Charlotte, NC to work at WTDR as music director, midday host and for a brief time, a morning show host until moving to Knoxville.

Andy and Alison signed on to 107.7 WIVK in 1997 as already seasoned air personalities and only the third morning show on the station, and spent 20 years waking up East Tennessee with phone funnies, breaking news, beloved characters, parody songs, and the best in country music. They were consistently recognized by the industry as one of the top morning shows in the country, with seven CMA Personality of the Year awards, three ACM Personality of the Year awards, two CRS awards, and awards from the Knoxville News Sentinel and City View Magazine. From day one in Knoxville, it was all about community service for Andy & Alison. James Dick founded the station on that principle, and Andy & Alison bought right into his mission. From Country Cares for St. Jude to local charity benefits to the Smoky Mountain Strong campaign and much, much more, Andy & Alison took a real interest in their community. They were one of the first in the country to utilize Facebook Live to connect with listeners in a more personal way and give them a glimpse into the studios. They also came up with the idea of Andy & Alison Hometown Road Shows to broadcast from a different mom and pop restaurant in a different town every Friday morning to give local businesses free advertisement and allow listeners in outlying counties the chance to win cool prizes and get to know the duo. After 20 years in Knoxville, Andy & Alison retired in 2017 and ended with an induction into the Country Radio Hall of Fame in 2018.

Andy (Chris) currently works as a voice actor from his studio. His voice has been featured on ads and projects for clients such as IBM, Disney, Dish Network, University of Tennessee, and other national, regional and local clients.

Ken Berryhill (nominated by Wink Martindale/Brian Craig)

Ken Berryhill was born in Jackson, Tennessee in 1929 and grew up in Memphis. By his early teens he was experimenting with mail - order radio sets and transmitters. By 16 he was doing on - air jobs at various Memphis radio stations, including WHBQ’s Citizens, Jr. show for teens. At 17, he was hired by WDIA founders John Pepper and Bert Ferguson while the station was still under construction. It was Ken’s voice that signed the station on the air its first day of broadcast in 1947. When a young BB King came to WDIA to start his own musical performance show, Ken helped him choose his theme song and format

While Ken was attending Lambuth College in Jackson, his show Ken Calling on WTJS was the most popular in the market. Local kids came to the radio station to watch him do his show. One of those kids was a 14 - year - old Wink Martindale, who has long acknowledged that Ken Berryhill inspired him to go into show biz. After transferring to Vanderbilt, Ken ran a pirate radio station out of his dorm, then instigated the founding of campus radio station WRVU. He also worked at WMAK radio, where he hosted the nightly country music show Open House, and at WSM radio and TV, where he produced live country music shows such as Tennessee Jamboree under the guidance of legendary broadcaster Jack Dewitt

After serving in the radio corps in the Army, Ken was hired as producer at WMCT (now WMC TV) in Memphis, which had just solidified its position as the local NBC affiliate. There Ken produced shows for the Blackwood Brothers and many others. He was not only the producer of the original Loony Zoo kids’ show, he was also the puppeteer and voice talent! Ken later worked for stations in Florida and Mississippi and spent 5 years doing a show on WLYX, the Rhodes College station in Memphis

In 1996 it was back to Nashville, where Ken broadcast over WAMB and worldwide over shortwave on WWCR. But there was another Nashville station that brought Ken’s career full circle: He had never broadcast over WRVU, the station he helped start 45 years before. He was invited to join their on - air crew, where he became the elder statesman of the station, mentoring the students and entertaining them with stories of bygone days. In 1998, he was presented with a plaque and a sign renaming a section of the WRVU studios in his honor. He continued on Nashville radio until the loss of his wife in 2013, when he retired from broadcasting at 83 and returned to Memphis to be near his two sons.

Mike Beverly (nominated by William Willingham/Chip Chapman)

Mike Beverly graduated high school a year early to major in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech. He stumbled upon the student radio station WREK and was hooked immediately. He then got a job working nights at Atlanta's WZGC. While working with Johnny Pirkle's late brother at WBLJ in Dalton, Georgia, he was told Johnny was building a new 100,000 watt FM in Oak Ridge and needed announcers. So he applied, got hired and began with the 1 KW Oak Ridge AM while the FM was being built. He stayed at WOKI in various capacities until 1982 when he decided he wanted to get into management, working at stations in Kentucky and South Carolina.

After working at stations in Kentucky and South Carolina along with quick stops as a GM in Morristown and Dalton, he was hired to put a new FM on the air from scratch in Knoxville (93.1 WCKS). He then returned to WOKI in sales until he was hired to put another new Knoxville station on the air, 105.3. WXST (West 105.3). The owner of 105.3 asked him to acquire some other stations to help build a small network around East Tennessee. By 2002, he had helped acquire 10 stations in Farragut, Sweetwater, Loudon, Maryville, Oak Ridge and Morristown.

He later became Production Director of South Central Radio Group in Knoxville and stayed until his retirement in June of this year.

While working at South Central, Beverly bought 500 watt WRKQ in Madisonville in 2004, he later purchased WDNT in Dayton, and WXQK (now WRHA) in Spring City and WQLA in La Follette which was silent and six weeks away from being deleted by the FCC. Beverly's proudest achievement is preventing four small market radio stations from going permanently silent, which would have left three of the four communities with no full power radio voice ever again.

Tom Bryant (nominated by Kyle Cantrell/Jim Driver)

Although Tom Bryant had a distinguished career before arriving in Tennessee, it was in Nashville that he seemed to thrive. Appearing first on WWGM and then on the legendary WSM, Tom's warm voice and engaging style seemed a perfect fit for the market and made him one of the most respected broadcasters in the area.

During his long career at WSM and its sister stations, Tom hosted numerous shows and features, and voiced thousands of commercial and interstitial announcements, making him highly - recognizable to its listeners. In fact, for some three decades Tom was heard more often than any other announcer on the station and was known as the de facto "voice" of WSM. He also became a fixture in the broader Nashville radio market, as many commercials airing on WSM were also used on other stations across the area.

Radio Resume
1956-1960 KFYR/KFYR-TV Bismarck, ND - air personality
1960-1960 KFJM Grand Forks, ND - air personality (University of North Dakota campus radio)
1960-1963 CJOB/CJOB-FM Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - air personality
1962-1962 KBOM Bismarck/Mandan, ND – News Director and air personality
1963-1964 CJQM/CJQM-FM Winnipeg, MB – Operations Manager
1964-1964 KXGO/KXJB-TV Fargo/Valley City, ND - air personality
1964-1967 WWGM Nashville, TN - air personality/program director
1967-1998 WSM/WSM-FM/WSM-TV/WWTN Nashville, TN - air personality, announcer, producer, production director


  • Appearing first on WWGM and then on the legendary WSM, Tom's warm voice and engaging style seemed a perfect fit for the market and made him one of the most respected broadcasters in the area.
  • During his long career at WSM and its sister stations, Tom hosted numerous shows and features, and voiced thousands of commercial and interstitial announcements, making him highly-recognizable to its listeners.
  • For three decades Tom was heard more often than any other announcer on WSM and was known as the de facto "voice" of WSM.
  • Tom also became a fixture in the broader Nashville radio market, as many commercials airing on WSM were also used on other stations across the area.

Mickey Bunn (nominated bSteve Turner/Nick Archer)

Mickey's love of radio began at the age of 10, when he bought a small transistor radio and started listening to the Grand Ole Opry. Soon he began "playing radio," sitting on the floor with a turntable and recording music on a cassette recorder.

In the late 1980s, Bunn began reading commercials on the Earl McCollum "Dixie Ramblers" Saturday morning show on WDKN in Dickson. In 1983, he met Steve and Wanda Turner, owners of WNKX in Centerville. Steve and Mickey became instant friends during a long conversation about their mutual love of radio. Wanda later told Steve, “You need to hire that young man. He’s just like you 10 years ago.” The rest is 25 years of Kix 96 history: “Mickey in the Morning” drive - time show, program director, news director and music director. In 1997 Mickey was chosen as Disc Jockey of the Year by Air - Play International, and he was promoted to Kix 96 general manager in 2013.

Mickey has been host and producer of “The Grinders Switch Hour” for 14 years. The show is one of the three longest - running, live country music radio programs in the nation and has been featured on the PBS program “Tennessee Crossroads”. Bunn is also the mandolin player with the Grinders Switch Ensemble.

KIX 96 listeners have heard Bunn broadcast 20 years of American Cancer Society Radio Auctions which raised $350,000; 21 years of Perry County Lions Club fundraisers which raised $300,000 for the Vanderbilt Children’s Vision Program; decades of entertaining election returns; broadcasts of HCHS, EHHS, Titans and UT ballgames; music events; Halloween and Christmas parades; Veterans Day programs; treasure hunts; Swap Shop; Pet Patrol and Spellbound the word game.

Dean Bush (nominated by Bobby Melton/Buddy Sadler)

Radio Resume


  • Essential in putting on the air both the first AM station and FM station in Humphreys County, TN
  • Kept WPHC on the air 24 hours after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX in 1963 to insure that the community was properly informed about the crisis. This initiative earned Dean praise from the FCC.
  • The greatest challenge during his career occurred on February 24, 1978 when a derailed tank car containing liquefied petroleum gas exploded, killing all of Waverly's senior emergency management personnel and crippling the fire response capability. Dean and his staff immediately suspended all regular programming and focused on broadcasting emergency information. Both stations stayed on 24 hours during the crisis. Dean and his staff updated the community of the status of loved ones and requested people call in so updates could be given. During the period, Dean Bush became known as the Voice of Humphreys County.
  • For this service, Dean and his staff were recognized by the Governor and both the State House and State Senate. He was written up in the Congressional Record of the U.S. House of Representatives and awarded numerous other awards and acolades.
  • In 1979, Dean left radio to establish the first cable tv franchise in Humphreys County.
Kyle Cantrell (nominated by Charlie Monk/Dave Nichols)

Radio Resume
1980:  WMTS Murfreesboro, TN
1982:  WSM Nashville, TN
2002:  SiriusXM Satellite Radio

  • Kyle began working at WSM in 1982 while still in college.
  • In July 1983, Kyle began a 5 year run as host of the weekly Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Oldies Show on WSM and an 85 station network.  The show helped establish Kyle as a knowledgeable and passionate source for country music history.
  • Starting in 1985, Kyle became one of the Grand Ole Opry announcers and in 1993 became WSM's program director.  Kyle would later also become operations manager for sister stations WSM-FM and WWTN-FM.
  • Kyle hired Eddie Stubbs to work at WSM in 1995.  Stubbs has gone on to become a CRB Hall of Famer and a  broadcasting legend on WSM.
  • Kyle oversaw the 75th anniversary birthday celebration of WSM in 2000.  He wrote and produced a 19-week retrospective on WSM history titled WSM Remembers.
  • In 2002, Kyle began hosting the morning shift on Sirius Satellite Radio's classic country channel.  
  • After leaving WSM in 2003, Kyle eventually joined the staff of XM Satellite Radio assuming the role of program director for the Bluegrass Junction channel.  With the merger of Sirius and XM, Kyle added programming duties for Willie's Roadhouse, the classic country channel. He has also programmed the SiriusXM Southern gospel and Y2K country channels.
  • Kyle has received numerous awards during his career including the International Bluegrass Music Association's Broadcaster of the Year Award 4 times and the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America's DJ of the Year the last 5 years in a row.
  • In 2013, the Tennessee General Assembly honored Kyle with Joint Resolution #465 for his "many contributions in the broadcasting industry."

Scott Chase (nominated by Jared Stehney/Jim Reynolds)

Radio Resume

1975 - 1978 WSON/WKDQ - Henderson KY - Air Talent
1978 - 1980 - WGBF - AM Evansville IN - Talent
1980 - 1982 - WHKC Hederson - Talent/Music Director/PD
1982 - 1985 - WKDQ - Talent
1985 - Present WSKZ, WGOW AM/FM, WOGT Operations Mgr. and talent. on KZ106

Chase moved to Chattanooga as Program Director/Announcer with WSKZ (KZ106) on New Year’s Day 1985 and have since taken on additional duties as Operations Manager in charge of programming for the Cumulus Chattanooga stations. He has been one of Chattanooga's most loved and highest rated radio personalities for over 30 years.

Paul Randall Dickerson (nominated by Paul Ladd/Buddy Sadler)

Radio Resume
1969-1970 WKGN Knoxville as "Possum Riley"
1970-1976 Radio in Cincinnati, Buffalo, and Orlando
1976-1978 WMAK Nashville, News Director
1978 WLAC Nashville News Director
1982-1986 WSM Nashville, Assistant News Director, then News Director
1986-1987 REBS, Inc. (WLRQ Franklin/Nashville) Manager, then corporate VP
1987-1989 WLAC Nashville Operations Director, newscaster
1989-2014 Associated Press Nashville, AP Radio News - reporter, writer, supervisor, editor, AP Broadcast Journalist of the Year from Tennessee Associated Press Broadcasters Association

  • 26 years in commercial radio, 24 years with The Associated Press.
  • First worked in Tennessee 1969 - 70 as Possum Riley, midday personality and later program director at WKGN in Knoxville.
  • After gigs in Cincinnati, Buffalo and Orlando, returned to Tennessee in 1976 to WMAK in Nashville. Relaunched an earlier journalism career, using own name (all three of them) for the first time. Became news director.
  • Was hired by the late David Tower at WLAC in 1978 to anchor morning newscasts. Later became news director.
  • The sale of WLAC didn’t sit well, so left to do afternoon news on WBT in Charlotte, NC.
  • Returned to Tennessee in 1982 when Mike Donegan needed an assistant news director at WSM. Later, became news director.
  • Joined ill - fated REBS, Inc., in 1986 as manager of WLRQ in Nashville, later corporate vice - president.
  • Rejoined WLAC in 1987 as REBS was financially failing. Was operations director and later added morning news casting to duties.
  • In 1989, The Associated Press was pushing its bureaus to upgrade their broadcast news writing. Went to work for AP, learned the system as general assignment reporter, broadcast writer, night desk supervisor and became broadcast editor about 10 months later.
  • Worked to improve the Tennessee broadcast wire, coaching writers who handled broadcast writing shifts. Also, was de facto Tennessee correspondent for AP Radio News, reporting on major events in Tennessee by filing voicers and wraps to the Broadcast News Center in Washington and – on occasion – doing live reports from Nashville. Became the only AP employee to receive Broadcast Journalist of the Year from the members group, the Tennessee Associated Press Broadcasters Association.
Philip Gibbons (nominated by Jonathan Monk/Billy Harper)

Radio Resume
1974-Present WPTN (Later WGSQ) Cookeville, TN APD, DJ, Host, Announcer

  • During his career Philip has been nominated for numerous CMA and ACM Personality of The Year awards and the CRB Hall of Fame.
  • 2012-2015 Readers of Cookeville’s Herald Citizen have named him their favorite radio personality in the papers “Best Of the Best” edition.
  • Philip is a yearly stage host at CMA Music Fest in Nashville each June and has been guest announcer at the Grand Ole Opry seven years in a row during WGSQ’s special night at the Opry.
  • Philip is the Honorary Chairman of the Alzheimer’s Tennessee yearly walk to benefit the local Alzheimer’s organization.
  • Philip is a member of the Lion’s Club, an honorary member of the Shriner’s Club, and participates in the Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure which benefits breast cancer awareness.
  • 1982-Present Public Address announcer for Tennessee Tech football and basketball games.
Gator Harrison (nominated by Marty McFly/Philip Gibbons)

Gator Harrison is currently senior vp programming for iHeartMedia Nashville and day - to - day PD of the company's venerable Nashville country outlet WSIX. The station is also the flagship outlet for The Bobby Bones Show, which is broadcast on approximately 100 stations nationally.

Radio Resume
1986-1990 WSMT Sparta, TN (DJ, PD)
1990-1996 WYHY Nashville, TN (DJ, Music Director)
1996- 2010 WGSQ Cookeville, TN (DJ)
2010-present WUSY Chattanooga, TN (DJ)

  • 1996 to 2010  Gator’s Morning Show ranked #1 Locally and Top 10 Nationally
  • 1996  Billboard Magazine Air Personality of the Year Nomination
  • 2005  Gator Harrison was the Highest Rated Morning Show in America
  • 2007  Gator received the ACM & CMA for Air Personality of the Year
  • 2013  Gator received the ACM for Air Personality of the year
  • 2014  CMA Air Personality of the Year
  • 2015  CRB/AIRCHECK Award for OM/PD of the Year.
  • Received several 278th National Guard Awards recognizing his Support of U.S. Troops
  • To date Gator has won 26 National Broadcast Awards.
Gerry Hunt (nominated by Dave Brown/Jack Parnell)

Radio Resume
WJAK Jackson, TN
Several radio stations in Arkansas, Kentucky and West Tennessee.

  • Gerry began his broadcasting career as a teenage DJ on WJAK in Jackson TN.
  • Gerry is the owner of WMXX-FM in Jackson, WDXI-AM in Jackson, WORM-AM in Savannah, WORM-FM in Savannah and WXOQ-FM in Selmer.
  • Gerry is still an active DJ at WMXX, KOOL 103 in Jackson and can be heard daily on “The Drive at 5”.
  • He has produced the KOOL 103 Caravan of Stars live concert twice annually for 17 years. Seven to nine of the big hit makers from the rock & roll era perform and fans come from as far as 200 miles to the shows. It is likely that most Jackson area residents would never have the opportunity to see these artists perform in person if Gerry did not bring them in for these concerts.
Ron Huntsman (nominated by Dave Walton/Mike Bohan)

Ron Huntsman was the right man, in the right place, at the right time to create Nashville's first powerhouse FM rock station, WKDA - FM, or as it was later known, WKDF, or specifically, 103/KDF.

Ron Huntsman came out of the Air Force in the late 1960s to work his way up the radio programming ladder, eventually to land at WKDA - FM in Aug. 1970. He was an early innovator of what was later known as "Album Rock", winning awards for his creative on - air presentation.

Ron Huntsman was among the very the first to play "Uneasy Rider" by the Charlie Daniels Band. As another example of his musical intuition, Eric Clapton's classic "Layla" was originally released by Atco as a shortened, edited down single. It bombed. Ron Huntsman played the full 7 - minute version on KDF, and it was a smash. The label took note and released the full version nationwide. Thank you, Ron Huntsman.

After leaving radio, Huntsman devoted his talents to radio programming syndication, and became VP for Promotion and Publicity for Sound Seventy Corp. In May 1988, Ron formed his own company, Huntsman Entertainment, Inc., winning countless awards and the coveted "CMA Presidents Award".

Bev Johnson (nominated by Genma Holmes/Dennis Banka)

Bev Johnson was born, Beverly Elaine Johnson in Memphis, Tennessee. Bev received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Rust College in English Literature 1975, and Masters of Science Degree in Educational/Media Technology in 1979 from Jackson State University. In 2003 Bev received a certification degree in Substance Abuse Counseling from Southwest Tennessee Community College as well as certification in Drug Court Counseling from the Drug Court Institute in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bev’s broadcasting journey began in 1976 at WJSU Radio which eventually lead her to WOKJ, WJMI, and WKXI Radio stations in Jackson, Mississippi working as disc jockey, programming assistant, public affairs director, and news director. In 1981 the journey continued to Memphis, Tennessee working at WLOK, WMQM, WWEE/WLVS, and now the legendary WDIA Radio where she has been employed for 35 years, and continues to host “The Bev Johnson Show”, in its 31st year. Bev has been a radio broadcaster for 42 years.

Community minded, Bev continues to work her motto through community service. A former board member of The Rock N Soul Museum and The National Black Programmers Coalition and Memphis City Beautiful. A former mentor for the Gordon Elementary School girl’s program, chairperson for the NAACP’s Annual Radiothon, former auctioneer for WKNO Television’s Action Auction and the Memphis Chapter Coalition of 100 Black Women.

Awards include 1989,1991,1992, & 1996 News/Public Affairs Director National Black Programmers Coalition, UNCF Outstanding Alumnus Award 1996, National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award Personality of the Year Nominee 1993,1994, & 1995. 1996 Billboard Personality of the Year. Honored by the Tennessee General Assembly House of Representatives, Memphis City Council, and the U.S. House of Representative for "The Bev Johnson Show" on WDIA Radio. In 2014 Bev was inducted into The History Makers Media Division, her oral history is housed in The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Currently an instructor at Southwest Tennessee Community College for 28 years teaching Speech & Writing. Bev is also a Motivational Speaker, where she encourages celebrating life!

Ted Johnson (nominated by Paul Ladd/Skip Woolwine)

Radio Resume
1964 - Saturday Teenage DJ - WSIX - FM, Nashville, TN
1965 - Tennessee Tech Play-By-Play - WPTN, Cookeville, TN
1966 - Basketball Play-By-Play - WTCO, Campbellsville, KY
1967 - Put It On the Air - WJKM, Hartsville, TN
1968 - Midday Host - WBGN, Bowling Green, KY
1968 - 6 pm - Midnight Host - WSM - FM, Nashville, TN
1969 - Morning Drive Host - WSM - AM, Nashville, TN (35 share of Market 12 +)
1975 - Executive Producer - Jam Jingles, Dallas, TX
1979 - General Manager & Basketball Play-By-Play - WEKY, Richmond, KY
1980 - ID Jingles & TV Producer - Sound Shop Productions, Nashville, TN
1984 - TV Production & Post - Production/President & CEO - Post Masters, Nashville, TN
1991 - Morning Drive (#2 in Market) & Program Director - WZEZ 92.9, Nashville, TN
1993 - Morning Drive - WRMX, Oldies 96.3 - Nashville, TN
1994 - TV Post Production/CEO - Rave Post, Nashville, TN
1997 - Present - VP & General Manager/Owner - WNSR, Nashville Sports Radio, Brentwood, TN
Ron Lane (nominated by Bobby Melton/Larry Melton)

Radio Resume

  • Ron Lane has been "The Voice of Magic Valley" in Camden, Tennessee for nearly 6 decades
  • His radio career began with Camden's WFWL while he was still in high school.  After college, he became a full time WFWL employee where he fulfilled numerous roles through the years including DJ, Program Director, News Director, Station Manager and eventually General Manager.
  • Ron is now General Manager of both WFWL and WRJB, also in Camden.
  • Ron has also owned radio stations with various partners in Jackson, TN and Russellville, AL
  • Ron was afflicted with polio as a child but never let his disability stand in his way.  He has been honored by multiple community groups including the United Way, American Cancer Society, Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.
  • In 2015, Ron was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Benton County/Camden Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ron has also been the mayor of Big Sandy, TN for the last decade.
Gene Lovin (nominated by Johnny Eagle/David Carrol)

Gene Lovin, now with WFLI in Chattanooga is a true radio lifer. Gene has spent most of his 52 - year radio career in Chattanooga, along with a few stints in Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. Recently, Gene came full circle returning to legendary 50,000 watt AM top - 40 giant WFLI after a 46 - year “break.”

While at WDOD FM in the 1980s, Gene helped initiate several community projects, including the first Statewide March of Dimes Radio Day. He was also involved in the station’s annual Christmas project, the Forgotten Child Fund.

In 1991, while Gene was working at WSKZ (KZ - 106), Chattanooga radio lost a major talent when Big Jon Anthony of WUSY died suddenly at the age of 45. Gene offered to cover him competitors’ air shifts so the entire WUSY staff could attend their co - worker’s funeral services. It was a rare instance of a radio personality from one station filling in for a competitor, during a very difficult time. He later worked at WUSY, and began a long relationship with St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital in Memphis.

Among his career highlights is the period from 2001 - 2013, while at Chattanooga’s WDEF - FM (Sunny 92.3) He worked with Luther Masingill, one of the Hall of Fame’s first inductees. He was part of Luther’s morning show, which ran for an unprecedented 74 years. On some occasions, when Luther’s health became problematic, it was Gene who arranged medical help, even “tricking” Luther into seeking attention, or being transported to the hospital. Gene said he was honored to be in the right place at the right time, helping extend Luther’s amazing career.

Also during that time, Gene became involved with “Denim and Diamonds.” a fundraiser for the Hamilton County Medical Society, and he has continued that relationship for 18 years.

Radio Resume
1966 - 1967 WLAW AM Lawrenceville, GA
1967 - 1968 WBHF AM Cartersville, GA
1967 - 1968 WYXI AM Athens, TN
1968 - 1969 WCOG AM Greensboro, NC
1969 - 1969 WNUE AM Ft. Walton Beach, FL
1969 - 1969 WYNX AM Atlanta, GA
1969 - 1972 WFLI AM Chattanooga, TN (Jet - Fli)
1972 - 1976 WAAY AM Huntsville, AL
1976 - 1977 WIRK AM West Palm Beach, FL
1977 - 1978 WZGC FM Atlanta, GA (Z - 93)
1977 - 1978 WFOM AM Marietta, GA
1978 - 1981 WGOW AM Chattanooga, TN
1981 - 1986 WDOD FM Chattanooga, TN (D - 96 and WDOD)
1986 - 1993 WSKZ FM Chattanooga, TN (KZ - 106
1993 - 1999 WUSY FM Chattanooga, TN (US - 101)
1999 - 2000 WFOX FM Atlanta, GA (FOX - 97)
2000 - 2001 WOGT FM Chattanooga, TN (GT 108)
2001 - 2013 WDEF FM Chattanooga, TN (Sunny 92.3)
2013 - 2018 Cumulus FM Chattanooga, TN; WSKZ/Talk Radio/Nash Icon 107.9
2018 - Current WFLI AM/FM Chattanooga, TN (Jet - Fli)

Marty McFly (Selby) (nominated by Gator Harrison/Philip Gibbons)

Radio Resume
2/2/14 – Present  WSM-FM Nashville, TN (Morning personality also heard on Westwood One Nash Icon Network)
4/10 – 2/1/14  WKDF-FM Nashville, TN (Program Director/Morning Personality)
9/00 – 2/09  Clear Channel Communications Cookeville, TN Region. Operations Manager for 14 stations throughout Cookeville, Crossville, Sparta, and McMinnville TN.
WGSQ-FM (Afternoon Air Personality) and WSIX-FM Nashville (Fill in for Gerry House and Weekend Show)
12/99 – 9/00  WSIX-FM Nashville, TN (Syndicated Air Personality – “Nashville Nights” – 86 affiliate stations across U.S.)
4/97 - 12/99  WGSQ-FM Cookeville, TN (Afternoon Air Personality and Operations Manager Paxson Communications)
12/94 – 4/97  WFBC-FM & TV Greenville, SC (Morning Air Personality /Music Director)
3/94 – 10/94  KNIX-FM Phoenix, AZ (Morning Air Personality)
1/90 – 2/94  WFLZ-FM Tampa, FL (Afternoon Air Personality /Music Director)
10/86 – 12/89  WYHY-FM Nashville TN (Night Air Personality – Music Director

Marty McFly currently hosts the #1 rated Country Morning show in Nashville on 95.5 Nash Icon (WSM - FM). Marty also hosts mornings for over 20 stations nationwide on the Nash Icon Radio Network with Westwood One. Marty’s Nashville show and the other shows are two totally different shows with different content taking place at the same time. Marty is ranked #1 for the format, top 5 in the market, highest country weekly cume, and a top 6 cume in the market.

Growing up in Sparta TN it was right out of high school that Marty walked into WSMT AM/FM to see a friend, that trip changed his life forever. After scoring a job at WSMT in Sparta Marty had one goal, to work at the station he had listened to all through High School, the Nashville powerhouse station Y107. Coyote McCloud mornings at Y107 was the inspiration for all Marty’s dreams in radio. Within two years Marty found himself with a job at Y107, and one of the first duties was working with his radio hero Coyote McCloud. Spending 4 years as a member of the Y107 family was just the beginning of Marty’s radio journey. From Nashville it was on to Tampa, then Phoenix AZ to work for the legendary Buck Owens Family’s station KNIX, then to Greenville SC.

In 1997 Marty was presented with an opportunity to come back home and lead a group of 14 stations plus be on the air in Cookeville TN. Marty signed on as Regional Operations Manager and afternoons at the 100,000 - watt WGSQ. During Marty’s time at WGSQ - FM he was the first ever air personality to be nominated for an AMC or CMA award from the market, and he took WGSQ from a 19 share to 26.8 share for the rank of “Highest Rated Station in America”,

In 2010 Marty signed on to do mornings at WKDF, and still holds the record for the highest morning rating ever in the PPM era on WKDF (6.0 Feb. 2013). Marty also holds the record for the highest ever morning PPM ratings on 95.5 Nash Icon WSM - FM (6.3 July 2016). While at WSM - FM Marty won the award for Large Market Air Personality of the Year and has been nominated for the ACM Large Market Air Personality of the Year. Marty has also been Nominated for the TN Radio Hall of Fame on several occasions. Over the years Marty has help raise millions of dollars for over 100 causes including hosting St. Jude Radiothons for 13 years.


  • WGSQ Cookeville, TN  Took programming and market share to all-time highs & won national awards with CMA/ACM for Station of the Year and highest rated station in America.
  • Nominated Country Aircheck Air Personality of Year 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Nominated C.M.A. Air Personality of the Yr 1998, 2004, 2005, 2006  
  • Nominated A.C.M. Air Personality of the Yr 2006, 2007, 2008  
  • Highest rated afternoon show in America Fall ’00 and Fall ‘02
  • Highest Rated Station in America 26.8 Spring ‘02; 25.9 Spring ‘05
  • Nominated Billboard Air Personality of the Year 1996
  • Nominated Bobby Poe Magazine Air Personality of the Year 1993

Devon O’Day (nominated by Genma Holmes/Dennis Banka)

Devon O’Day is a career broadcaster with a resume’ that includes the WSIX-FM morning drive House Foundation with Gerry House, Mix92.9 Nashville, and nationally syndicated shows like Country Hitmakers, The Saturday Night House Party, and America’s #1s. Former Miss Louisiana National Teenager and pioneer of the plus - division of the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City, Devon O’Day is also the author of 4 books for Thomas Nelson/Zondervan and two for Abingdon Press among them My Southern Food and My Angels Wear Fur. As a songwriter she has had songs recorded by Lee Ann Womack, Hank Williams, Jr, Pam Tillis, Neal McCoy, Trace Adkins, and a #1 for George Strait called “The Big One”, co - written with Gerry House. She is the narrator for over 20 audio books and her voice has been heard on every major network for national clients like Hilton Hotels, KFC, and Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Devon has been the host of national radio specials for Garth Brooks, the Dixie Chicks, Kenny Chesney, Bill Gaither, and hosted Tammy Wynette’s biography on the Lifetime network.

Larry Perry (nominated by John Pirkle/Mike Beverly)

At the age of 12, Larry began his 60 - year career in broadcasting with the construction of an AM pirate radio station in Madison, TN. The station was operational for nearly a year before the FCC shut it down. After becoming the youngest person in the US to pass the First Class engineer test, Larry became employed as a junior engineer in the construction of WENO in Madison which became Nashville's first full time country station. He also worked in engineering at Nashville's WLAC and WVOL while still in high school.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Larry worked for CBS in New York and then for NASA in Houston. Returning to Tennessee to finish law school, Larry started "Perry's Broadcasting and the Law," a publication that eventually had 12, 800 stations subscribing. While going to law school and publishing, he still managed to work in engineering for several Knoxville stations. He also prepared numerous technical applications for area broadcast stations, that were submitted to the FCC resulting in license grants.

Larry then became an adjunct professor in the Communications College at UT, teaching broadcast law for more than 20 years. During this time, Larry was invited to address the NAB convention for 12 straight years as well as addressing numerous state broadcasting associations on broadcast related matters. He has spoken at more than 30 colleges and universities on broadcast matters and is well known with the FCC, FAA and U.S. State Department as an authority on telecommunications and broadcasting. HIs work in the broadcast field has been involved in all facets of broadcasting from engineering to legal.

Dave Ramsey (nominated by Mike Bohan/Cam Cornelius)

Dave Ramsey's phenomenal career started back in 1992, by offering financial advice... sharing practical answers for life’s tough money questions. He wrote a book called "Financial Peace" based on all that he and his wife Sharon had learned from their many ups and downs, and he began selling that book out of his car.

With a friend, he started a local radio call - in show on Nashville's WWTN - FM called "The Money Game", now nationally syndicated as The Dave Ramsey Show. The Dave Ramsey Show is now on more than 600 stations from coast to coast and has more than 13 million total listeners. The Dave Ramsey TV Show was seen weeknights on the Fox Business Network.

Dave Ramsey's success story includes six best - sellers on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly lists. His "empire" reaches around the globe, but it all began on a small FM radio station in Nashville Tennessee. His broadcasting studios and home base remains in Brentwood, Tennessee, where his devoted fans are encouraged to drop by and watch his programs live in progress.

Tom Rowland (nominated by Garry Mac/David Carrol)

Tom Rowland of station WCLE was the Luther, the Larry Lujack of Cleveland, Tennessee....THE community voice for the Ocoee region of Southeast Tennessee For decades, if you woke up in an area from just north and east of Chattanooga, all the way up I - 75 to Athens and over to Polk County to the eastern corner of the state, Tom Rowland was the person who started your day.

From Tennessee Association of Broadcasters’ “Broadcaster of the Year” to “Mr. DJ USA” for WSM in the late 60's to multiple state awards from The Associated Press, Tom Rowland has walls lined with awards. In the 70's, Tom traveled to Chicago to receive National Associated Press Award on behalf of WCLE News Excellence, one of tops in the nation. During his tenure there were several stories that went national after Tom broke them on Cleveland's local station. He loved to be “first” with a news story and was very competitive with local newspapers and area TV. In fact, he was the 'go - to' source on stories featured in the Chattanooga and Knoxville TV markets.

Tom Rowland was the DJ, Morning Show Host, General Manager and Owner of WCLE and was also a co - owner of one station in South Georgia. In the 80's, Tom help launch another Cleveland frequency that began as Q - 101 which later became Hall of Fame Legendary country station US - 101 (WUSY). As an aside, Q - 101 went on air as hard rock station, thinking it would fill a void since sister station WCLE was all country.

In 1991, Tom sold his interest in WCLE after being elected Mayor of Cleveland. Tom became the politician being interviewed and it has been an impressive history: Mayor of the Year, Member Homeland Security Council, Vice Chair of Tenn. Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR), past President of Tennessee Municipal League and the list goes on for his mayoral honors and accolades.

Russ Spooner (nominated by Mike Bohan/Gary Beaty)

The "Russ Spooner Morning Show" on Nashville's WMAK dominated the morning radio ratings in the early 1970s. Russ Spooner was funny, colorful, sometimes controversial, and always entertaining. Something was always bugging Russ, and his listeners loved hanging on for the ride. Tennessee Radio Hall of Famer David Tower, and then Stuart Hamilton, read the news and tried their best to keep Russ from blowing a gasket.

Russ Spooner has had an extraordinary career in radio... starting out at WGNI in Wilmington, NC, where he went to high school with country music legend Charlie Daniels who remains a good friend to this day. Next, Russ hit the big time at WGH, Norfolk, then WKIX in Raleigh, NC. From there he went to Todd Storz' 50,000 - watt blowtorch, WHB in Kansas City. WHB was where Russ Spooner's memorable character "Ace High in The Sky" was born. In 1971, Russ was hired by Tennessee Radio Hall of Famer Joe Sullivan to do morning drive in Nashville at WMAK. After a highly rated stint in Music City, Russ headed to WTOB in Winston - Salem, NC, then WKY in Oklahoma City, and finally settling in at WSB in Atlanta. In 1973, Russ Spooner had a best-selling album consisting of his hilarious telephone pranks called "You Have Just Been Spoonerized!"

Duncan Stewart (nominated by Sam McPherson/Devon O’Day)

Radio Resume
1968 - 70: Co - founder of Southern Connecticut State College radio; did play by play for SCSC Owls.
1972 - 73: First “real” job was in production at KORK in Las Vegas, including play - by - play for UNLV Basketball.
1973 - 74: KHOS Tucson production and remote personally on the streets
1974 - 75: KHYT Tucson Morning Personality on “Dunc and Bob Show”
1976 - 78: (Temporarily out of radio) Director of Externships at Tuffs Dental School, Boston
1979 - 80: Mornings at WBDV, Beverly MA.
1980 - 83: PM Drivetime and Program Director WDLW Boston. (Awarded “Program Director of the Year”)
1983 - 09: “Sports Guy” on 98 WSIX FM Nashville's “House Foundation” morning show (which became the ‘Big Show’ with Eddie Edwards for the two years Gerry House was working in Los Angeles). Program Director of 980 WSIX AM...Host of sports talk show ''Sports Night'' (1 year on WWTN), initial PD of WTN when it came on the air as 99.7 FM; WSIX FM Promotions Director; Host of sports talk show “Prime Time Sports” on 1510 WLAC.
2014 - Present: Staff announcer on KUNR Public Radio.

Can a kid born in Concord, Connecticut work his way into radio from Connecticut to Las Vegas to Boston and then find his real home in Music City USA? Stuart Leith did. Better known as Duncan Stewart, he became a celebrated sports broadcaster with his encyclopedic knowledge of sports and his talent as a great promoter. As the “sports guy” on the nationally - awarded “House Foundation,” he gained national recognition living on and broadcasting from a downtown billboard for 33 days waiting on the University of Tennessee football Vols to win a game in 1988. Colleagues view him as the “Godfather of Sports Talk Radio” in Nashville for his work on several primetime talk shows. He helped bring the Predators NHL to Nashville. and broadcast football, basketball, baseball and the Olympics along the way. Now living in Reno, NV, with wife Cheryl, he has scratched his On Air itch behind the mikes at KUNR Public Radio. If chosen for the Hall of Fame, he’ll join fellow “House Foundation” members Gerry House, Al Voecks and Mike Bohan with a well - deserved honor.

Twice winner of the Massachusetts Country Music Association Radio Personality of the year; As part of the House Foundation, 2 - time Academy of Country Music National Radio Personality of the Year and 3 - time Country Music Association Personality of the Year.

Ernest Sutton (nominated by John Pirkle/Paul Dickerson )

1956-present  WNKX (formerly WHLP) Centerville, TN (live musician, dj, pd, owner)
Ernest "Buster" Sutton's career in broadcasting in Tennessee spans 50 years, beginning in 1964 when he returned from the US Air Force and went to work as an engineer for WNOX, Knoxville. From then to the present, Buster has been involved in the technical operation of many of the Knoxville area's top stations, having served as Chief Engineer of WOKI 100.3 for 40 years, and working as a Contract Engineer for 9 other radio stations, several of which he built. His other contributions to Tennessee radio include stints as an instructor at Tennessee Institute of Electronics ((67 - 71) and Professional Academy of Broadcasting (74 - 82). Buster holds degrees in Engineering and Accounting from the University of Tennessee.
Bob Todd (nominated by Max Templeton/Ben Cagle )

Bob Todd began his radio career at WELL in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1964.  In 1966, he joined WQXI in Atlanta to do the all night shift and later moved into afternoon drive.  After a short stint at CKLW, he returned to WQXI to be program director.  Todd later worked at the legendary WAKY in Louisville and in markets from Philadelphia to New Orleans.

But it was his time in Chattanooga at WGOW and WDXB, that he may have had the biggest impact.  Todd was brought to Chattanooga by cable tv innovator Ted Turner who heard Todd doing afternoons in Atlanta.  Turner had purchased WGOW and wanted to shake up the Chattanooga radio scene.  Under the name Chickamauga Charlie, Todd brought new innovations, skits and characters to his morning radio show that no one in the Chattanooga market had ever attempted before.  While at WDXB, he worked with Tennessee Radio Hall of Famer Johnny Dark (Dude Walker).  

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