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The Luther

The Luther Award honors Tennessee radio stations for their above and beyond service provided to the communities they serve. Named for Chattanooga radio legend Luther Masingill, who spent more than 70 years waking up residents of Chattanooga and southeast Tennessee, the award will recognize stations who consistently provide an exceptional level of community interest, involvement and interaction. Luther did not simply host a morning show on legendary station WDEF. And the Luther Award does not go to a station which simply runs public service announcements or conducts a once-per-year radiothon. The winning radio station will have shown a depth of service, enabling and participating, in all segments of the community.


Stations interested in competing for the award will submit a two-page entry form outlining the community service of their station in the previous year. Though longevity of service can be a factor in selecting stations, stations should base their entry on the previous 12 months (January 1st – December 31st). An air check not to exceed a total of five (5) minutes may be submitted with the entry form. This air check could contain public service announcements, interviews, radio-thon segments, regularly scheduled programs, breaking news or weather coverage, or campaigns performed for local agencies.

Entries will be accepted until  January 31st.

The winning station will be determined by the committee without regard to the resources of station (OR) the size of the broadcast market served. Only one station will be honored annually. Only individual stations from a cluster of stations will be considered, though multiple stations from one cluster may enter. Though a station’s overall commitment should be considered, specific instances of working in and for the community should be evaluated.

Entries should be submitted to: 

Your two page overview should in in PDF format. Audio file (no longer than 5 minutes) should be in mp3 format. Finalists will be subject to an interview from selection committee.  When submitting your entry, please list the name of your station representative and a phone number.

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