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March 2014

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 Cookeville, Knoxville

Making good on our commitment to travel the state to meet broadcasters from all 3 grand divisions, the next regional meeting will be in Cookeville. It is of greatest priority that we recruit new members to bring a geographic balance to the organization's voting ranks, for the purpose of fairly honoring TN broadcasters from all market sizes and in all regions of the state.

Saturday, March 15th - Cookeville

Mike and Martin Medley of the historic WHUB/Cookeville family host a regional listening tour for the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. 

Crawdaddy's Grill
53 West Broad Street
Cookeville, TN  

Everyone is invited to come, but we ask that you RSVP to so we'll have a better idea of how many to plan for. We'll discuss the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame and upcoming events. In order to have as many attendees as possible, please feel free to pass along the invitation to anyone who has worked in Tennessee radio for at least 2 years, in ANY capacity...whether still active in the industry, or not. There is no obligation (other than paying for your own lunch), so come meet your fellow broadcasters from around the state and enjoy an afternoon of swapping stories and learning about the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame.

Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame board member Johnny Pirkle hosted an East Tennessee luncheon February 15th in Knoxville to invite area broadcasters into the organization. It proved to be highly successful and by the end of the meeting, almost everyone in the room was, or became, a member of the TRHOF!  
Those in attendance include Mike Beverly, Doug Combs, Melissa McDonald, Susanne Dupes, Cathy Martindale, Ed Brantley, Ralph Vaughn, Leslie Pardue, Bob Anderson, Gary Beaty, Chris Protzman, Debbie Protzman, Nick Archer, Brian Craig, Johnny Pirkle, Tyrone Beach, LaDonna Hembree, Jenni Wylie, Cindy Arnold, Amanda Ellis, Chuck Borchard, Robin Joffe, and Garry Mac.

TN Radio Hall of Famer Gerry House not only writes great jokes and hit songs, but he's authored a new book that's just hitting the streets. "Country Music Broke My Brain" comes out March 4th, but is on pre-sale at The book reveals some never-aired conversations with his famous friends in Country Music. One Amazon reviewer says some of his favorite stories include "Glued naked to the bathroom floor".. "A dope-smokin' chimp".. "Brad Paisley is a cat".. "Waylon and The Autoblow"....and then the stories get really weird! The Marconi Award winner will be on the Grand Ole Opry this Friday, March 7, and will mosey on over to sign copies of his book in the Opry store at 9:15 p.m. (following the show) and then at 2pm Saturday, March 8, House will be signing at Barnes & Noble Cool Springs (1701 Mallory Lane, Brentwood TN). If you really think he's going to stop at one book, then your brain must be broke(n). We hear Gerry is already working on his next book(s) and rewriting his introduction of incoming Hall of Famer and former sidekick Mike Bohan for this May's banquet.....depending on how Mike makes him feel the day of induction. ;) For 27 years the House Foundation broke all the rules of radio, and when Gerry was recently asked if he misses the morning show routine, he said "I still wake up early, but I don't get up. You never get over that."
Check out Gerry's latest YouTube interview with Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts, along with wife Allison.


Melissa McDonald
It was 1974, and I was studying to be a high school speech and drama coach at Tennessee Tech. Then big news hit 

Cookeville : Keith Bilbrey was leaving WHUB to take a full-time job at WSM-FM! Soon after, I got a call from my friend, Jimmy Mott, asking if I might be interested in talking with his dad, Stacy (who managed the station) about a part-time job at WHUB. I had never considered working in radio. There were very few women on the air at that time, and there were none in Cookeville . Long story short: I got the job Keith had vacated, got my FCC Third Class Radiotelephone License (passing Element 9 the first time!) an d my career path took a different turn. I transferred from Tech to MTSU, and change d my major from English/Speech & Theatre to Mass Comm/Broadcast Journalism. After graduation, I worked at numerous stations in  Nashville (including WSM, WKDA/WKDF and WLAC-AM/FM), as well as two years at Z-93 in Atlanta . I eventually became News Director at the Tennessee Radio Network, which I consider the best five years of my career. I never looked back, and despite several years out of the business, I still consider myself – first and foremost – a broadcaster. (This time it was Melissa's turn -Ed.)

How did YOU get into radio? Just email Melissa McDonald ( ) with your story.


Congratulations to our TRHOF President Ralph Vaughn, who's just been named president of the Nashville-based Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce (TNCCC). Congratulations, Ralph!

TRHOF member and WUSY/Chattanooga hot-thang Gator Harrison just added another national award to his trophy case with a Country Aircheck Small Market Personality of the Year award. Congratulations, Gator!
("Hot-thang" is Editor Cathy Martindale's description.)

 Ralph Vaughn Gator Harrison

Former Cumulus Media VP of Programming Leslie Pardue has agreed to be "the artist behind the lens" for the TRHOF. This multi-talented radio guy is a bonafide photographer who is documenting events and helping to archive the Hall of Fame photos for posterity. We appreciate you, Leslie!



Nick Archer
Alan Clark
Crissy Fredenberger
Jeff Jacoby
Frank Jolley
Tom Mapes
Brian Mason
Jim Mott
Chris Protzman
(Todd) Dallas Rogers
(John) Chip Walters
Jeffery Wix
Jenni Wylie


Melissa McDonald found a fun little Facebook page for mic fanatics: Classic Microphones

Nick Archer found an iPad App that is a really cool remote broadcast board and cart machine all-in-one! You can record. You can stream. BossJock Studio also runs on the iPhone. Their website is here.  Their FB page is here.

 Members-Only pre-sale underway 'til March 15.  

May 3, 2014 (5pm)
The Embassy Suites - Murfreesboro

Banquet chairman Chip Chapman (cchapman@WDEF) confirms ticket sales are NOW OPEN for the 3rd Annual Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame Induction and Banquet. 
The May 3rd event takes place at the Murfreesboro Embassy Suites ballroom with a reception preceding the ceremonies. Members, prospective members and friends and family are urged to make their ticket purchases early! The Members-Only pre-sale is going on now through March 15th, after which it will be opened up to the general public.  If you are not a member, you can join easily via our website, and have instant access to the Banquet ticket order form. You can find information and purchase tickets for individuals or a full table on our website at  Last year, attendance topped the 300 mark, and this year our goal is to surpass 400, as we have committed to a larger banquet space.  As previously announced, Nashville-based, nationally-syndicated radio and TV hosts Charlie Chase and Lorianne Crook will be the co-Masters of Ceremonies. Chase was inducted to the Hall Of Fame last year. Chip Chapman encourages anyone who wants to take advantage of a Banquet Sponsorship opportunity to please contact him at the email above.

A list of those 2014 HOF Induction winners is found here:

 A bonus for you!
If you ever sold radio, you know what Bonus Spots are. Our membership year runs July 1st to June 30th, and we do not pro-rate membership fees for partial years. But, as an incentive to join now (in the later months of our year), we are BONUSING these last months now through June 30, 2014. and giving you the FULL 12-month calendar year July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015!  This applies retroactively to everyone who has joined since December. So join now, and get more than your money's worth!  Full Members can nominate and vote on inductees, officers and board members. See who has joined in the last month:

 Dan Jaynes - WKRM/WKOM-Columbia; WMTS/WGNS-Murfressboro; WQQK-Nashville
John Malone - WRSA/WBHP/WAHR/WAAY/WVOV-Huntsville, AL; WYCQ-Shelbyville; WSM-AM/FM-Nashville
Max Templeton - WFLI/WGOW/WDXB/WDOD-Chattanooga
Cindy Arnold - WIVK-Knoxville
Mike Beverly - WDNT/WRHA-Dayton; WRKQ-Madisonville
Chuck Bourchard - WNFZ-Knoxville
Ed Brantly - WIVK/WNOX-Knoxville
Susanne Dalton Dupes - WTTU/WHUB-Cookeville; WIMZ/WNOX/WKXV-Knoxville
Michael Hammond
Jan Oliver - WNOX/WIVK-Knoxville
Chris Plotzman - WWST/WLYQ/WNOX/WKHT - Knoxville
Jenni Wylie - WIVK-Knoxville
Crissy Fredenberger - Associate Membership
Rachel Weil - Associate Membership
Lynda Christiansen - Associate Membership
Beth Roach - Associate Membership
Teresa Zdychnec -
Associate Membership

The remote broadcast Pete Weber didn't make

Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame Lifetime Member Pete Weber is a lucky man, in many ways.  On February 6th, the play-by-play voice of the Nashville Predators was on the road with the team in St. Paul, Minnesota, preparing to play the Minnesota Wild. He arose at 7am in a sweat, which he attributed to his room's thermostat being set at 85. His first stop was St. Paul Hotel's workout room, where he lacked the strength to get moving on the machines, all while feeling progressively worse with cold and clammy skin, and a tingling in his jaw. Back in the room with time before an 8:30am broadcast production meeting, he Googled his symptoms, and confirmed these were warning signs of a heart attack. Pete arrived at the production meeting where more than one person noticed he "didn't look good." The meeting was punted, someone got him some Aspirin, and they whisked Pete to the Predators' trainers at the nearby Xcel Energy Center, where the experts checked his vital signs, and called the EMTs who arrived quickly.  Pete was hastened to United Hospital just a few blocks away, and within the hour he was in surgery, receiving 3 stents and 1 angioplasty, all while remaining awake. In two days, Pete was back in Nashville, and on February 13th, had a 4th stent installed. Pete was cleared to return to the Play-by-Play chair February 27th, to rousing applause.  He is extremely grateful to all who came to his aid, and who have wished him well. Read Pete Weber's first-hand account on his blog.
Pete's popularity and quick recovery inspired artist Michael Ricigliano to create this cartoon, which has already made the rounds on Facebook:

From the Nashville Tennessean February 8, 2014 - By Brian Wilson
The Rev. Dr. Morgan Babb, a minister, singer and longtime gospel DJ in Nashville, died on Friday. He was 84.  Rev. Babb spent more than half a century hosting Black Gospel radio shows on Nashville-area airwaves first at Nashville's WVOL-AM and then WMDB-AM, a station he launched in 1983. 

--- A committee has been formed to collect and purchase Tennessee radio memorabilia, including old microphones, on-air signage, transmitter parts, and anything related to TN radio stations.  If you have items you'd like to donate (or purchase on Ebay, Craigslist, etc.) please contact Nick Archer at . Nick also oversees the TRHOF Facebook page which now boasts over 850 members.

--- Looking for a gig or have a spot to fill?  Post it HERE next month! An upcoming joint meeting of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board will be January 18th. Check "Events" on our website.


Any news related to our membership is greatly appreciated (along with an associated photo). Please continue to send us "TRIVIA" about yourself, too! Our next newsletter will be published April 1, 2014 (no foolin' !) with a content submission deadline of March 29th. Send your information to any of the newsletter committee members listed below.
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