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May 2014

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Extra big props to Chip Chapman who's been hard at work perfecting his new-found skills in event planning. 
Chip is chairman of the TnRHOF banquet committee and has a great vision for the 2014 Induction ceremony this coming Saturday night. This is the only place you'll ever get to meet your radio heroes in person, all in one place. Along with the current inductees, former and future inductees will be there to acknowledge the importance of preserving our radio history. Come meet the people you've always admired and the people who admire you! 

If you haven't yet purchased your banquet tickets, online registration has closed, BUT about 10 seats are still available by calling Skip Woolwine directly at 615-373-5340.  Attendees will pick up their table seating packages at the Check-In table in the ballroom lobby, at the far left (west) side.  Park down at that left (west) end and save yourself a lot of walking!


This is always a hot topic this time of year. No need to run out and purchase a Calvin Klein, but generally, the audience wears business casual to formal. In the past, we’ve seen everything from black jeans to Armani stripes….it’s your call. Ladies, if you haven’t yet purchased that special dress, don’t worry about it…we know the prom season has taken its toll on the store racks already! (Hey, there’s always Goodwill!) Wear what you want and just know that you’ll be fabulous, no matter what! In our opinion, the best dressed will be the ones who are smiling and making new friendships that night!

Rambling Ruminations from Inductee Buddy Sadler

Okay, you voices of the airwaves…as you prepare to attend the third annual Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame inductions in Murfreesboro, how are you getting ready?

For the guys:
Find a tie to match your suit. What suit? Khakis and shirt. Check.

A matching pair of socks... Check.
Shine your shoes? Nah. Wear sneakers... Check.
Clean underwear... Check.
Get cash from ATM: Have to pay for drinks... Check.
Hope ol' Bill brings his wife…. she’s fine. Are they still married?
Take camera…maybe…need to buy film. Or batteries and memory card... Check.
Wonder if anyone remembers me? (Hope that blonde all-night female jock does.)
Breath spray…deodorant and gum.
Get ready to ‘Rock & Roll’... Check.

For the Ladies:
Not be too warm for the Easter outfit will it? (Lookin’ good, Girl!)

Will there be dancing? Need shoes for comfort.
Can’t wait to see Mary Ann. Wonder if she’s still married to that good looking guy? Wonder if he’ll be there…
I hope the old gang from Rock 106 is there. They were fun.
Gotta remember, don’t drink too much..(especially if Bobby’s there. Not good for me.)
Get my hair done Saturday morning.
Get map to hotel in Murfreesboro.
Get there early.

What inductee Buddy is thinking:
I don’t want to wear a tie…Gerry House didn’t. Okay, I’m not Gerry House.
Bohan is wearing a tux. Are you kidding me? NO. 
Comfortable shoes. Sport coat and trousers will have to do..suit doesn’t fit since I retired.
I don’t like making speeches. I have to. Doesn’t make me want to. Guess I better write down something to say. I have 2.5 minutes, guess I can do it in less time and nobody will complain. Somebody has gone long the first two years…. No way I’ll ever do that.
Don’t forget to get Karen in the car when I leave. She says there is no need for me to be there by noon. 
I don’t like public speaking. That sounds like a speech to me…I don’t like making speeches.
Understand they’ll have a bar. Haven’t had anything to drink in years. Don’t guess a couple would hurt to make me loose. Surely they don’t expect me to say anything earth shattering. I don’t know anything earth shattering. Guess I can’t talk about those secretaries at the radio stations. No..not enough time has passed.
Gee….doesn’t seem like it’s been nearly 49 years….Boy it was fun. Hope somebody there remembers me…Okay…I hope I remember the names of those who remember me.
Can’t wait…get the camera and get this show on the road…where’s that darn mike…I have something to say ya’ll…..Did I mention that 
I don’t like making speeches?
Those of us who attended the April 5th West Tennessee gathering of potential Tenn Radio Hall of Fame members felt like fans invited to a Memphis Mafia “insiders” party!  Everywhere you looked were radio legends that had never gathered together like that and were laughing and reminiscing over old turf wars and radio stories.  Many are still crankin’ ‘em out and one (George Klein) has a reality TV show in the works!  In attendance at Corky's BBQ on N. Germantown Parkway were:
Jack Parnell
Dave Brown
Gaylon Reasons
Tyler Hawks
Yvonne Chapman
Harry Chapman
Rob Grayson
Bruce Worrell
Leon Griffin
Johnny Dark/Dude Walker
Brian Craig
Brad Carson
George Klein
Dr. George Flinn
Steve Bowers
Tom Britt
Cathy Martindale
Gary Beaty
Ralph Vaughn
Skip Woolwine
Kenny Bosak
Paul Randall Dickerson
Nick Archer
Jaine Rodack
L-R: Jack Parnell, George Klein, Johnny Dark/Dude Walker, George Flinn

L-R: Gaylon Reasons, Tyler Hawks, Steve Bowers

L-R: Dave Brown, George Klein, Skip Woolwine

L-R: Brad Carson, George Flinn, Tom Britt
 TALENT SURVIVAL on a personal note from John Young

    I think a lot of our Tn Radio Hall of Fame members would benefit from getting and reading Teddy Bart’s remarkable publication Talent Survival Guide, published a couple of times a month and sent free via email.

    As I was recording Teddy’s opening audio for his induction into the Hall of Fame, I realized I went on and on about his remarkable and versatile career. We’ve got to edit it or I’ll catch heat giving him more “time” than anybody. I didn’t want a mention of Talent Survival Guide to be dropped for the sake of time. I thought a mention in our monthly newsletter might be better.  I know it would serve our members.

    At WSM-AM-FM-TV in the mid-70s, I watched Teddy come into the station around 7 each morning…do The Waking Crew (WSM-AM 7:45am-9:00am, the last live radio program in America to feature a live, 10-piece orchestra).  Teddy would then polish off content for the Noon Show he hosted on Channel 4, …then race up to WSM-AM radio AGAIN at 1 to do his hour-long call-in talk show. Some days I’d walk past his office at 4 or 5pm seeing the door open and he’d be sitting there doing more prep.

    I don’t think anybody at that huge company really ever understood, or even knew what to say to talent, about their talent. Most of the upper management had never really walked in those shoes. 

    But my point is Teddy didn’t really need nor expect any affection from (parent company) National Life or WSM management. But, guys like me knew it would have felt nice, just to know the higher-ups understood what we had to prepare and create, to do what we do.

    Teddy did more content of wider ranges than anybody. Teddy was on top of the game with new content every day. I’d watch him interview Al Gore or Nashville Police Chief Joe Casey, Lamar Alexander or Bernie Schweid who ran Mills bookstore. He prepared like a network guy, but he was, and is, a master listener.

    Talent Survival Guide speaks to the thoughts we talent have, the insecurities we live with, or have been haunted by, the questions we’ve had when we don’t know how to go from point A to point B. When some talent are about to flat give up and think they have no talent, Teddy’s remarkable, gentle kindness comes through with emails that I read, and save.

    I don’t know what to write, but hope you’ll look at a few issues (just Google it) and consider it a gift to fellow talents, from a great talent, that is humble enough to acknowledge all talent. Teddy has been giving back by doing this a couple of years now. It is one of the many reasons I admire him, and admit he was the first person I voted for when making this year’s selection.

    In a world where most of our members are DJs, it took me a couple of decades after not being a DJ and doing a talk show myself to fully comprehend that Teddy runs circles around me, yet never pounds his chest. He’s just a pro, and a pro who cares about helping others. He probably knows his own path might have been easier had somebody done for him what he’s offering us.  You’ll never get him to brag on himself. That’s why I wanted to write in for him. 
    See you Saturday,
    John Young

Got a good radio story? Or, how did YOU get into radio? Just contact any of the news staff members listed at the bottom of the newsletter.
 What's in YOUR storeroom?
Reprinted from the content found at 

   The Seeburg Background Music record is a vinyl record of a non-standard size of 9 inches diameter with a 2 inch center hole. The recording is monaural, with a playing speed of 16⅔ rpm and a density of 420 grooves per inch.Each side contains approximately 40 minutes of music, typically 20 songs.Records in every series are numbered 1-28 or 101-128. These numbers tell you nothing except where the record was supposed to go in a stack.
    The records were distributed quarterly in boxes of seven. The operator was supposed to replace records in the system with new records of the same number (i.e. MM-125). Each box is labeled with the library type, date to place in service, and instructions to the operator. These instructions also specify that each record is to be returned to Seeburg after use. Upon return, the records were destroyed.
    The Seeburg 1000 Background Music System is a phonograph designed and built by the Seeburg Corporation to play background music from special 16-2/3 RPM vinyl records in offices, restaurants, retail businesses, factories and similar locations. The Seeburg 1000 was introduced in 1959 and is enclosed in a metal cabinet 22 inches wide by 14 inches tall by 12 inches deep.
    Seeburg provided three different libraries of music with the Seeburg 1000 system: Basic, Mood and Industrial. The Basic library consisted of medium tempo music, culled from top 40 hits, show tunes and standards. The arrangements, created just for Seeburg, were nearly all instrumental and featured horns, strings and keyboards. The Mood library consisted of medium-slow tempo songs, in lush arrangements with mostly stringed instruments. The music derived from standards, show tunes and some pop music. The first song on each side of each record was often a current pop hit. The Industrial library consisted of medium-fast tempo music of a lively nature, to induce workers to be more productive. This was perhaps the most varied and adventurous of the libraries; it contained polkas, mariachi music, twangy guitar, Hawaiian songs, and even the occasional synthesizer.   
Hear the Seeburg 1000 in action with this 24/7 live music feed!        
If you have any of these discs or machines in your possession and would like to donate them to the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame, please contact us!       
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Editor:Cathy Martindale
Buddy Sadler
Melissa McDonald
Skip Woolwine


  (1941 - 2014)

"It's football time in TENNN ESSSS EEEE!!" 
Those words, that inflection, that sense of urgency....that voice. To UT Knoxville "VOL" fans everywhere, there will never be another voice behind the P.A. in Neyland Stadium like that of Bobby Denton, who passed away last month. The Knoxville native was instrumental in building WIVK into the powerhouse legend it is today.
Read More. 
  A big bonus for you!
If you ever sold radio, you know what Bonus Spots are. Our membership year runs July 1st to June 30th, and we do not pro-rate membership fees for partial years. But, as an incentive to join now (in the later months of our year), we are BONUSING these last 2 months now through June 30, 2014. and giving you the FULL 12-month calendar year July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015!  This applies retroactively to everyone who has joined since December. So join now, and get 2 bonus Months!  Full Members can nominate and vote on inductees, officers and board members. We have added some new members directly from our website as some have ordered their banquet tickets. We have now SURPASSED 240 voting Full Members, with 23 Associate Members in addition to that number.  See who has joined (21 new names) in the last month:

Chuck Chellman - Full Membership - Producer of "Georgia Twitty's Music City Hotline" syndicated radio show 1972-1980 out of Nashville, Founder of the Country DJ Hall Of Fame
Kenny Bosak - Full Membership -  Memphis stations: WMPS, WREC, WHBQ, WMC-AM/FM, Oldies 98, WRVR, Froggy 94
Yvonne K Chapman - Associate Membership - Daughter of Memphis DJ Harry Chapman. 
Leon Griffin - Full Membership - WMC-FM, WHRK-FM/Memphis, also stations in TX, FL, and NE, Founder of
Harry Forrester Chapman
- Associate Membership - Son of Memphis DJ Harry Chapman
George Flinn - Full Membership - Broadcast entrepreneur and owner of 
WHBQ-AM/FM, WMPS-AM, WGSF-AM, WIVG-FM, WYDL-FM, and KHXT-FM in the Memphis market, plus about 40 stations elsewhere.
Jaine Rodack - Full Membership - WHER, WAID-FM, WMC, and the William B. Tanner Co., all Memphis; also stations in NH and MA.
Gaylon Reasons - Full Membership - WTRO-AM/FM and WDSG in Dyersburg; Also, WMC-TV/Memphis, and KSLA-TV Shreveport, LA
Robert Robison - Full Membership - WAMG, WHIN-AM/FM-Gallatin, WLAC-AM/FM, WMAK-Nashville, WQUT/WJCW-Johnson City; Also Stations in WI.
Jon Johnson - WIRJ/Humboldt, WDXI/Jackson; Also WLAC-TV/Nashville
Larry Stone - Full Membership - Tennessee Titans Radio, StoneCom Radio-Cookeville's WLQK, WKXT, WBXE, WATX
Allen Dick 
- Full Membership - Dick Broadcasting, Knoxville/Nashville and beyond!
Keith Bilbrey - Full Membership - WSM-AM/FM-Nashville, WHUB-Cookeville, Music City Roots syndicated radio show
James Kennedy - Associate Membership
Mac Allen 
- Full Membership - WKDA-AM/FM-Nashville; Also KIKK-Houston and other stations around the country; SESAC-Nashville
David Tower 
- Full Membership - WMAK, WLAC, WYHY, all Nashville
Kevin Lee (aka "Kevin Chase") 
- Full Membership - WSIX, WJXA/WRKM-Nashville, WUCZ-Carthage
Jerry Minshall 
- Full Membership - WWTN, WSM-AM/FM, WNSR, WLAC, WSIX, WJRB-All Nashville, plus Stations in MO and KS.
Gary Brown 
- Full Membership - WAMB-Nashville, WMOT-FM-Murfreesboro, WKRM/WKOM-Columbia, WCOR/WANT-Lebanon
Susan Barry James 
- Full Membership - Owner WCOR-AM/WANT-FM-Lebanon, WAMB, WKDA - Nashville
Paul Ladd 
- Full Membership - WLAC, WZEZ-FM, Metro Networks/Westwood One- All Nashville, World Christian Broadcasting (shortwave)-Franklin TN   
 2014 Career Inductee Mike Bohan got a nice, New York shout-out, thanks to 2012 Career Inductee, WCBS-FM morning man Scott Shannon.  Shannon was talking about the Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame's upcoming induction ceremony, and how he gave Mike his nickname "Walrus" back in their early 70's days of the "Home of the All-Americans" 1300/WMAK Nashville.
Listen here.




Sammy George
Sam Hale
Cliff Williamson
Doug Combs
George Plaster
Richard Tettelbach
Paul Randall Dickerson
Nancy Knowlton
Mike Green
Mike Beverly
Chuck Borchard
Bill Smith
Zelicia Cutrer
Stephen Smith
Mac Allen
Paul Ladd

  In other news:  
 It’s been announced that StorPlace Self-Storage has signed on as a provider of mini warehouse storage space to the TNRHOF. The organization has begun to amass sizable quantities of memorabilia, broadcast gear, and recordings, requiring climate-controlled space in which to put it. Nick Archer's garage is not good enough. StorPlace is based in Nashville with 16 locations in Middle TN and Bowling Green, KY. They're at

--- A committee has been formed to collect and purchase Tennessee radio memorabilia, including old microphones, on-air signage, transmitter parts, and anything related to TN radio stations. If you have items you'd like to donate (or purchase on Ebay, Craigslist, etc.) please contact Nick Archer.  Nick also oversees the TRHOF Facebook page which now boasts over 900 members, and also our YouTube Page with over 118 airchecks and other audio/video memories

--- Looking for a gig or have a spot to fill?  Post it HERE next month! 

The next upcoming joint meeting of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council will be Saturday, May 17th, 10am to noon, at the TAB headquarters in Nashville. Our primary topic will be a 20/20 hindsight review of the May 3rd banquet in Murfreesboro. Check "Events" on our website.   



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