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November/December 2013

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 I REMEMBER WHEN...     By Doug Combs

It was Thanksgiving of ’96 or ’97 and I offered to work the midday shift at Rockin’ Country 102.9 (now WBUZ) in Nashville so others whose families were farther away could have the day off. Melissa McDonald (my wife) was working in the newsroom (remember those?) at WSM. Suddenly, the phone rings and the caller was Billy Ray Cyrus. I had played one of his songs in the previous set. He wanted to thank me for playing one of his songs (he was a regular caller to the station). Billy also asked what my plans were for the day. He wanted to know if I would have Thanksgiving. I explained that my wife and I were both working midday shifts and we were planning a traditional meal later in the day. "Oh, good!" was his reply, "Because if you didn’t, I would bring you over a plate. We have a table full and I just didn’t want you to miss Thanksgiving!"
What a nice guy!

Doug Combs
Vice President/ Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame
Vice President/Tennessee Assn.of Broadcasters


If you are a voter for the 2014 Class of the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame and you are having difficulty finding the nominee of your choice on the ballot, it may be because you know him or her by an “air name” – an on-air alias that allowed them to conceal their true identity from the listening public and sometimes even from their co-workers. Sort of like a super hero. Or witness protection with less supervision.

Since we are unable to list every nomme de microphone on the ballot, here is a guide to help you cast your votes. Remember, to get more info on any nominee, click on their name on the ballot.

If you are looking for Dude Walker or Johnny Dark, check out John Dougherty;

If you are looking for Jumpin’ Jim, check out James Eikner;

If you are looking for Cousin Tuny, try Doris Freeman;

If you are looking for Gilly Baby, check out Clarence Kilcrease;

If you are looking for Johnny Eagle, try Harold Lloyd;

If you are looking for Dex, try Bill Poindexter;

If you are looking for The Wild Child, check out Bill Berlin;

If you are looking for The Chucker, try Chuck Browning;

If you are looking for Smoochie, try Bill Gordon;

If you are looking for Big Hugh Baby, check out Hugh Jarrett;

If you are looking for Bad Dog, look for John McCormack;

If you are looking for Jerry Phillips, Ed Phillips, Mel Kent, Johnny Holliday, Johnny Mitchell or Sebastian Stone, you may be looking for Gerald Edward Phillips;

If you are looking for Bobby Q Day, you should try Eddie White;

And, if you are looking for Bob Parker, Bandit, or any other name you don’t see on the Career ballot, you might take a look at Bob Anderson.

Your vote for the 2014 Hall of Fame inductees needs to be cast by November 28th.  Check your email for the link to the voting site.  If you haven't received an email link, or if you haven't joined or renewed your membership, there is still time to do so ( for membership info). 

Thank you, Dave Nichols, for providing this list!     

 JFK MEMORIES from members 

The 50th anniversary of the JFK assasination is this Friday 11/22. Mike Bohan was featured on a Nashville TV newscast (Nov. 19)with a newly-discovered family 8mm tape of John F Kennedy waving to a crowd from his motorcade. You can watch it at 

Cathy Martindale remembers JFK visiting her hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas as her family parked the car on the shoulder of I-30 when the presidential motorcade passed by, with the president waving out the window. The next day, her father had parked just beyond Dealey Plaza when he witnessed the Presidential limo speeding past him on the way to Parkland Hospital, seeing only Jackie, in her pink outfit, bent over her mortally wounded husband.


--- The Board of Directors will hold their last meeting of the year December 14 to ratify inductee votes.

--- Hall of Famer Luther Masingill featured on a national TV program!

--- A committee has been formed to collect and purchase Tennessee radio memorabilia, including old microphones, on-air signage, transmitter parts, and anything related to TN radio stations.  If you have items you'd like to donate (or purchase on Ebay, Craigslist, etc.) please contact Nick Archer at . Nick also oversees the TRHOF Facebook page which now boasts over 765 members.

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Ben Cagle
Ferrand Cumpton ("Lee Stevens")
Lee Dorman
Earl Freudenberg
Fred Moore
Bob "Todd" Thurgaland ("Chickamauga Charlie")

Whit Adamson
Steve Bowers

Joe Case
Helen Daniels
Sam McPherson
Johnny Pirkle
Glen Powers
Bruce Sherman
Austin Stinnett
Skip Woolwine



Upcoming joint meetings of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board will be December 14th.

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Voting for the Class of 2014 concludes November 30, 2013 at 11:50pm Eastern Time. There is still time to vote, but you must be a member to vote.  If you join online and pay online, your ballot can be on its way via email the next day. Deadline for accepting applications in time for voting is November 28th. Attaining membership and a list of nominees can be obtained by clicking through these links to the website:

2014 Nominees



Match the FACT with the PERSONALITY
(answers at bottom of page)

1.  Phil Valentine

A - Is a licensed private investigator and was just appointed Chairman of the Tennessee Association of Investigators.

2. Pat Reilly

B - The only American radio host to work local radio in the 3 biggest casino markets of
Las Vegas (KMXB/KMZQ),
Atlantic City (WKOE/WIXM) and 
Memphis (WKQK/WMFS)  

3.  Brad Carson (Weiss)

 C - Started his broadcast career in television, working for Ted Turner AND one of his first radio jobs was working at a 1,000 watt daytimer with a guy named Bill James who went on to "John Boy and Billy" fame.                        


SAVE THE DATE:  All broadcasters are invited to a meeting of "Veterans of Radio Wars," December 5th at noon.  The gathering takes place at Wally's Restaurant, 6521 Ringgold Road at I-75 Exit "1" in East Ridge.  All current and former broadcasters are encouraged to attend.  Check with Ralph Vaughn for carpool info.   



I am the son of a share cropper and  have 5 older sisters. I am the baby of our family. My real name is Harold Loyd, but I changed it to Johnny Dee and later to Johnny Eagle because when I first got started in radio some people would ask me if I was the son of the famous silent film comic actor Harold Lloyd. He spelled his last name with two L’s and was big in the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  While serving in the US Air Force, a buddy and I won a contest from a DJ named Teddy Sax on KOOL radio in Honolulu. I was so impressed with him and his show that I decided right then when I got out of the Air Force, I would pursue a career in radio. I got to know him quite well, and when his air schedule worked with my schedule he would let me come to the studio and practice. Once he allowed me to read the news. I later got a part time job after midnight on KIKI in Honolulu. After returning the mainland I attended DJ school and Keegan Technical Institute in Memphis.                

Johnny Eagle, WFLI, WJTT Chattanooga
Eagle Barter
Chattanooga, TN


 Nick Archer, Scotty Brink

Good to see old and new friends at our November  16th meeting. Scotty Brink was on his way home to Oklahoma and stopped by for donuts and handshakes...

Buddy Sadler, PRD, Garry Mac 

Paul Randall Dickerson (PRD) is a recent member and came by to see his radio friends.... 

John Bowen, Charlie Scott, Bart Walker

And it was good to meet John Bowen, who just retired from the Voice of America.  He had one of the best jobs in radio, traveling to Morocco, England, the Netherlands, France...always interesting places.  John now makes his home in Murfreesboro, TN.



Any news related to our membership is greatly appreciated (along with an associated photo).  Please continue to send us "TRIVIA" about yourself, too!  Our next newsletter will begin FIRST OF THE MONTH publication January 1, 2014 with subsequent article submission deadline on the 25th of each month.  Send your information to any of the newsletter committee members listed below.

Our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Robert Munroe (Bob) Hewitt, passed away on Tuesday, November 5th. Mr. Hewitt was a former News Director with WDXI Radio and TV in Jackson, TN. and later joined the Jackson Sun as City Editor.


        ANSWER KEY:   Phil Valentine (C),  Pat Reilly (A),  Brad "Carson" Weiss (B)        

If you have ever had to work a Christmas morning shift while everyone else was at home opening gifts (and who hasn't?), your Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame family wish you a very, merry Christmas this home!

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