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October/November 2013

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 I REMEMBER WHEN...     By Frank Jolley

When I was 23, I worked at WMAK in Nashville. At 1:00AM every morning, I'd get off the air, turn off the transmitter and stroll over to the Noel Hotel Restaurant to get two coffees, one black, and a second black coffee with four creams for JOHN R at WLAC, who'd just be getting started with his presentation of PROGRAM TEN. I'd also take coffee to Jerry, the sometimes elevator operator/night watchman/doorman, because he'd always let me in... then I'd find my way to the fifth floor of the Life and Casualty building. The year was 1963, and the Beatles hadn't been heard of yet. John would always greet me with the same howdy. "Man, you're gonna cause me to go afloatin" he'd boom across the room when he saw me. "Hey, man, you tryin' to keep me awake??" As it happened on that night, John R did the unthinkable. It was an unintended consequence that stole the day. With his mike still on, John had just started the newest James Brown record and, as was his custom, he'd chant into the records "TELL 'EM MAN...Yah..Get It, James!" and other regular uncanned phrases he coined from time to time. This time when he turned toward me (the mike still on), he accidentally spilled that boiling hot coffee (he hadn't added the four creams, yet) and as it spilled everywhere, including John's arm and leg, without hesitation he responded by shouting,"G**-D*** Son of a B$*&%!!!" Later he told me he had to go explain what happened so Blacky (Nobel Blackwell) could file a report with the FCC over the incident and John actually had to talk to the FBI after the report was filed. He told me later "I breathed a sigh of relief, Man, when that cat laughed... and I've never heard another word."               


Pictured (L to R):Vince Tapler, Brad Douglass, Rich Schoedel, and Johnny Shaw
(who attended some of the early meetings in the organization's first year).

The Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame hit the road on Saturday, October 12, to take the message about the Hall and its purpose to west Tennessee. It was the first outreach meeting on the Hall’s “listening tour.” Board members Steve Bowers and Tom Britt arranged a gathering in Jackson and invited regional broadcasters to attend. It was a good turnout for a rainy Saturday afternoon, and several people expressed interest in joining the group. TRHOF President Ralph Vaughn talked about the organization, backed up by Bowers, Britt and fellow board members Nick Archer, Gary Beaty, Doug Combs and Melissa McDonald. The group also enjoyed a display of west Tennessee broadcast memorabilia, and several toured the WNWS studios where Bowers works. The next outreach meeting will take place in early December in Chattanooga.


 Board and attendees/Jackson, TN


Mickey Bunn
Logan Carmichael
Wilson Frazier
Sharon Kay
Charlie Monk
John Young 

Ben Cagle
Ferrand Cumpton ("Lee Stevens")
Lee Dorman
Earl Freudenberg
Bob "Todd" Thurgaland ("Chickamauga Charlie")



Upcoming joint meetings of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board will be November 16th, and December 14th.

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Voting for the Class of 2014 begins November 1, 2013 and you must be a member to join. Membership and a list of nominees can be obtained by clicking through these links to the website:

2014 Nominees



Wink Martindale, one of our inaugural inductees, is hosting a special on Sirius XM's "Siriously Sinatra" channel. It's all about the songwriters who wrote for Ol' Blue Eyes, like Sammy Cahn, Paul Anka, Jule Styne and Marilyn & Alan Bergman. It airs Oct. 18th @ 12pET, Oct. 28th @ 6pET, Oct. 29th @ 9pET, Oct. 31st @ 9aET and Nov. 2nd @ 3pET.


Nick Archer keeps our Facebook family of jocks and radio peeps interacting with very little dead-air. The Official Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame Community now has 727 members and counting. WTG Nick!                


Johnny Pirkle, owner of 94.3 in Knoxville, didn't take time off to celebrate his 55th anniversary in radio, because he was too busy preparing for the launch of his new Talk Radio FM/AM combo; WNFZ and WKVL, the 50,000 watt AM he LMA'd in May. Pirkle sold his 100,000 watt WNOX FM in April, and, instead of settling into retirement, immediately signed up Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey, Andrea Tantaros, Jerry Doyle and several other talkers to populate his 2-station cluster. He stresses that the combo is not a simulcast, but 2 separate stations. Pirkle launched his own career as a deejay in Athens, Tennessee in 1958, moved to Knoxville 2 years later and stayed there, first as jock and PD at WNOX AM and later as the founder of WOKI FM, which later became WNOX FM. Johnny never felt the urge to travel the country chasing jobs, as he always had the goal of station ownership in Knoxville. He has owned all or part of "5, maybe 6 stations over the far," he adds with a grin. Pirkle is branding his new station KnoxTalk.


So, you've waited 4 years for that blu-ray player to go on sale before you made the plunge into "ultra-viewing." Problem is, it's already sooo yesterday...already obsolete. Here's a list of some devices that could go by the wayside within the next 10 years, if not, already!

Stand-alone GPS units -> Smartphones
DVD/BluRay Player -> Streaming Movies
Flash Drive -> The Cloud
MP3 Player -> Smartphones
Desktop Computer -> Laptops
Home Camcorder -> Smartphones
Alarm Clock -> Smartphones

Now get that garage sale ready!



It's a Cart Machine. It's a Lamp.
Why Not?

Insert the cart, the lamp comes on.
Eject the cart, the lamp goes out.
Misplace the cart, you have to wake up the Chief Engineer.

Link to Shannon Lamp Service




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