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August 2014


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  A "massage" from our President
 OFF MIC         with Gary Beaty
(Photo L-R: Ralph Vaughn, Gary Beaty)
Thanks, Ralph Vaughn! For your leadership and service for the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame for the past two years. And, my thanks to Lee Dorman who got us organized and “lit the fire” during the first delicate steps of our existence. Those gentlemen raised the bar for us. Now, we must address the challenges of growing our membership, enhancing our presence across the state and continue to honor those radio professionals (past and present) whose careers are noteworthy. This month, our efforts are primarily directed toward increasing our membership in West and East Tennessee with Hall of Fame “radio road shows,” in Jackson, on August 2nd, and in beautiful upper East Tennessee at Kingsport, on August 9th, (there may be another event in Chattanooga later in the month – watch for details on our website). These meet 'n greets present a great opportunity to offer new members the most for their participation – joining, nominating, voting (later in the year) and encouraging their attendance at our next induction banquet in May, 2015. Our next board meeting is scheduled for 9/13/14 in Nashville, (among the items on the agenda for that meeting - scheduling a full board meeting at the new “birthplace of country music” museum, in Bristol, TN-VA, sometime this fall), and you're urged to attend...members, advisory council...all. Thanks for your support, and “keep those cards and letters comin' in!”
Till next time,
Gary B.         
A reminder once again, that professional photos from the 2014 TRHOF awards banquet may be purchased (at a very low price!) from our own Leslie Pardue, owner of Flashmasters. Take a peek at the banquet photos at

  Next two weekends: Come Meet Us!
There are two regional "welcome" meetings coming up EXTREMELY SOON and YOU are invited. The first one is THIS SATURDAY (Aug 2nd) in Jackson, TN. We welcome anybody who has worked in Tennessee radio, or even if you are simply a radio fan.This is a valuable chance to beef up our voting membership in these underrepresented regions of the state. As you know, new members are the biggest key to achieving geographical balance in our nomination and induction process (which is happening right now, by the way).
Please let us know you'll be there. RSVP to:
Saturday, August 2: Jackson, TN at Charlie Bulldog's, 216 N. Shannon Street, 38301...Social hour 11am, Lunch at Noon (Central Time) Click for map
Thanks to Board members Steve Bowers and Tom Britt for making it happen!
Saturday, August 9; Kingsport, TN at Pratt's BBQ, 1225 E. Stone Drive, Kingsport TN, 37660...12 noon (Eastern Time) Click for Map
Salutations to Board Member George DeVault who pulled this all together!

 A Founding Member's New Internet Station
     Frank Jolley is one of the TRHOF's Founding Members and on our Advisory Board. While Frank's Tennessee radio career included Nashville's WLAC and WMAK in its rock 'n' roll heyday of the 60s, he worked in other significant markets and at stations like KLIF and KBOX in Dallas, WNOE/New Orleans, WKBW/Buffalo NY, WPLO/Atlanta, CBS California, and KKDJ and KNAC in the LA Market. In Hollywood, he's even picked up a number of acting gigs over the years, and gotten involved with film production and distribution. Ever the versatile entrepreneur, Frank has launched a unique Internet radio station called ROCKHOUSE.MOBI .
     We asked Frank to tell us more about ROCKHOUSE.MOBI . He says, "I started ROCKHOUSE.MOBI for a number of reasons. The music we grew up with is fast disappearing from over-the-air stations. I have the entire Drake-Chenault & Radio Art Libraries (as I worked for both companies). I had also purchased the Noble Consulting Library when they went out of business, and no one is interested in preserving these libraries so I will preserve them for the future. If you go into local bars you'll hear people of our age playing this music on the Jukeboxes. Bill Stewart told me once that that's how top 40 radio got started in the first place. Our target audience is anyone that has an attention span of longer than 5 minutes, but really it's the 50+ audience with smartphones, tablets and computers, who want to hear "Mother In Law", "Are You Lonesome Tonight", "Running Scared", or "Big Bad John" on the radio... but since radio doesn't play them anymore, we fill that void. An Android Smartphone app is available now from the Google Play Store, called "Rock House". Learn more about Frank Jolley at .

Listen online, and you'll find Frank Jolley doing mornings on !

  The Way We Were
From TRHOF Inductee Buddy Sadler:
     I’m frequently asked what's my favorite memory of nearly half a century in broadcasting, specifically news. And I’m never sure what to answer. I have so many; from a guy I worked alongside scenes on Nashville news stories becoming US Vice President, to seeing a lady…..okay, maybe not…host a news conference naked….yep…no clothes.
     There was a party at a Texas oil millionaire’s home. Not just any millionaire, but Stanley Marsh III …who buried Cadillacs in the front yard of his ranch, who had a camel without a hump in his backyard named, “Hump-free.” We had grilled rib eye steaks more than an inch thick…were entertained with card tricks from “Amarillo Slim” and were given hundred-dollar bottles of wine as we left. 
     How about a paid (overtime) 4-day boat ride down the river from Indiana aboard Opryland's brand-new General Jackson. There were 95 of us, counting workers. All I had to do was interviews on board…be a food taster for the cooks on the boat…get a good tan…plus hob nob with the Gaylord biggies on board while getting up early and doing reports during morning drive on WSM AM and FM. Tough life, huh??
     On Facebook I have pictures of stars I met….They aren’t my main memories. Wading a creek with water nearly to my waist – carrying one of those big TV cameras they used to lug because I feared my friend and colleague from Channel 4 was going to have a heart attack in the August heat…while keeping an eye out for very large rattlesnakes and cottonmouths living back in those Cheatham County hills. We were with authorities looking for 2 kidnap victims, the daughter of an assistant Metro police chief and the son of a politically connected liquor store owner. They were found tied and taped to a tree in the woods, safe, tired and bruised…but alive.
     Oh yeah….guess you want to know about the naked lady. She came to town to "perform as an exotic dancer" in the old Nashville Printer’s Alley. She rode a horse, Lady Godiva style, down Church Street and held a press conference.  A TV anchor who showed up for the conference (I wonder why) asked the Miss Nude America why she didn’t conduct the press conference naked?   She disrobed, and sat down in his lap…while cameras rolled and pictures were snapped…..but no one ever told. Most unusual press conference ever. Not counting the nude hotel and dance club…but that’s another story.

  From TRHOF member David Carroll: 
Many of you knew, or worked with Joy Wright, most recently national sales manager here at WRCB-TV/Chattanooga, and previously with US-101 and Brewer Broadcasting (known then as Joy White). She had battled cancer for the past 4 years, and during that time, she lost her husband Rodney last year after a brief illness. She passed away yesterday at the age of 47. She was a special lady, and here is a tribute to her: VIEW STORY

--- REMINDER: All donations to the Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame are tax-deductible. If you have some items you want to donate to keep your memory of Tennessee radio alive, contact Skip Woolwine or Nick Archer.  Vintage broadcast gear is welcome, regardless of age or functionality.   

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  Lin Folk of WPLN and Voice Of America
     Tennessee broadcaster Lin Folk, 97, appeared on WPLN-FM/Nashville Public Radio the day it went on the air in 1962, telling a story. She had been a storyteller since 1953 for the Nashville Public Library where WPLN was located on the second floor. Folk rose to become a producer, interviewer, and narrator for WPLN. She did so well that, in 1972, the American Women in Radio and Television named her National FM Broadcaster of the Year.
     After 20 years broadcasting on Nashville’s public radio station, Folk retired to become a freelance producer. She created and presented radio interviews and soundscapes on Tennessee Kaleidoscope which a Tennessee Arts Commission grant made possible. From 1984 to 1987, her Tennessee Kaleidoscope programs were first aired on WPLN then shared with dozens radio stations, both commercial and non-commercial, from Mountain City to Memphis.
     Folk recently donated her four years of TN Kaleidoscope tapes to the “preservationists of Tennessee’s radio legacy” at the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. The tapes will soon be featured on our YouTube channel. Along with those recordings and others, she has contributed her substantial broadcast archive files, plus a number of reel-to-reel tape decks and other equipment from her home recording studio.
     Among those Folk caught on tape were Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires with his stories about backing Elvis for 15 years; TNRHoF’s own Ralph Vaughn who emceed a vigorous Smithville fiddler’s contest; Indian storyteller Awaikta at Pinson Indian Mound near Jackson and the Morgans, Tom and Mary, folk singers appearing at Morgan Creek near Dayton.  To get a sense of the depth and importance of Lin Folk's historic work on her Tennessee Kaleidoscope documentary series, here's a link to her personal index of all the shows she produced. 
     Lin's interviewing skills caught the attention of The Voice Of America and other broadcast entities who regularly used her talents as a freelance producer and stringer covering features all over the region. 
     Today, Lin Folk is an active member of The Olde Worlde Theatre Company, performing or narrating several recent productions at Belcourt Theatre. Many children delighted at Lin’s appearances in “The Ugly Duckling,” “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” and “Rapunzel.” She also takes part in outreach performances for senior audiences at assisted living or nursing homes and adult day care centers. Contact for more information.

by TRHOF Member Dru Smith

  Pete Weber - Voice of the Nashville Predators
     When a handful of radio folks first started meeting in Reba McEntire's office a few years ago to talk about forming the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame, one longtime broadcaster, named Pete Weber, was especially enthusiastic. His support earned him the first lifetime membership in the TRHOF. Pete told us "I want the people who did so much as trailblazers, innovators, performers and administrators to be remembered properly for their contributions to Radio in Tennessee. I have lived here just since 1998, and began regular trips here (with baseball) in 1985, so being an avid radio listener my whole life. (How many radios did I burn out back in those days growing up in Galesburg, IL seeking out games and news?) I am so happy to have been invited to be in on the ground floor of the Hall of Fame here." 
     As the longtime voice of the Nashville Predators Pete has a large and loyal following, but his resume' spans decades starting in the mid 1970s with WEBR in Buffalo, KRLA & KIIS in L.A., WSAY in Rochester, WGR, and other stations that utilized his sports broadcasting talents. He's been a staple on Nashville's WWTN since 1998 and hosted SportsNight for several years.
     If you'll recall, this beloved radio/tv guy had a wake-up call while on the road with The Preds .... and it wasn't the kind the hotel front desk takes care of! Pete Weber was having a heart attack. Concern over a tingling jaw lead him to Google his symptoms and he shared his worries with his broadcast production team meeting that morning. Luckily, everything fell into place after that. Read his account of this day he'll never forget. Click, then scroll down a bit:

  File under: Is This Crazy, or What?
Ever wonder how to clean up those LPs in the basement? Mike Bohan sent us this tip for cleaning your old vinyl records....let us know if it works!  VIEW VIDEO
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