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July 2014

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Newly elected
A new board of directors was elected June 7th to serve for the next 2 years. In compliance with the bylaws, there are 15 board members, with a minimum of four from each of the three grand divisions of Tennessee. From Knoxville we welcome Cindy Arnold and Johnny Pirkle; Kingsport/Tri-Cities George DeVault; Garry Mac and Chip Chapman from Chattanooga; Cookeville's Larry Stone; Steve Bowers and Tom Britt from Jackson; Paul Tinkle from Martin/Union City; Brian Craig from Memphis....and representing the Mid-State are Gary Beaty, Doug Combs, Melissa McDonald, Skip Woolwine and Dave Nichols.

In addition on June 28th, a new administration was elected to the TRHOF. Serving as officers for our 501(c)3 are President - Gary Beaty, Vice-President - Doug Combs, Secretary - Melissa McDonald, Historian - Dave Nichols, and Treasurer - Skip Woolwine! Congratulations!!   (Now, if we could just get Gary a Facebook account!!!)
Professional photos from the 2014 TRHOF awards banquet may be purchased (at a very low price!) from our own Leslie Pardue, owner of Flashmasters. Take a peek at the banquet photos at

Tennessee Radio Hall of Famers Scott Shannon and Rick Dees, along with the rest of us in radio, could never do what we do now if it weren't for the radio roads that were paved by the late, great Casey Kasem, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. We all owe him a nod of appreciation and respect for his accomplishments. Many took to Facebook to pay their respects....


Casey Kasem and Scott Shannon

Rick Dees: "Jun 15 ·  Sad to hear the news this morning. I enjoyed sharing the same space on the radio with Casey. Our friendly competition lead to years of friendship and respect. We will all miss his style, his voice, and his ability to communicate. Casey was an original who can’t be replaced."

Gary Tullock: "Casey almost single-handedly created syndicated radio and kept Rock and Roll honest. RIP Casey."

Melissa McDonald: "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars."

Mike Bohan, Gerry House., Natalie Maines, Devon O'Day, Casey Kasem.

...keep reaching for the stars!
  Lawrence County,
  Jack Cheatwood , general manager at WDXE AM / FM, Lawrenceburg died Thursday, June 5th. He was a long time radio personality in Lawrence County and was the “Voice of the Wildcats” for over four decades. The press box at Lawrence County High School football stadium is named in his honor. 

--- REMINDER: All donations to the Tennessee Radio Hall Of Fame are tax-deductible. If you have some items you want to donate to keep your memory of Tennessee radio alive, contact Skip Woolwine or Nick Archer.  Vintage broadcast gear is welcome, regardless of age or functionality.   

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Ready, Steady, Go!

Nominations for the 2015 Class of Inductees of the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame begin at 12:01 AM July 1, 2014 and will conclude at midnight, August 31, 2014. There have been changes in the nomination procedures this year that affect both the Legacy and Career categories.

First, for both categories, we have tightened the nominating procedures to ensure that persons wishing to place a name into nomination use the official nomination form, which can be found here on our website. Only nominations using this form will be accepted. In addition, forms which are not fully filled out or forms which are not accompanied by all required information will be returned.

Second, each nomination this year must be submitted by two full members of the organization. The second nominator requirement has been added to ensure that we are able to get full assistance on contact information, biographical information, photos, etc, that are needed for both the election process and the induction process for successful candidates. Forms which do not include the names and contact information for both nominators will be returned.

Another important change this year is that no nominees in either category will be carried over from previous years. Only nominees whose nomination is accepted between July 1 and August 31, 2014 on a valid Nomination Form accompanied by all required information and the names of two nominators will appear on the ballot for the Class of 2015. If you have previously nominated a candidate in either the Career or Legacy category who has not been elected, you should expect to receive an email detailing your options for re-nominating that candidate. If you have not received this email by July 3, please contact Dave Nichols at

Lastly, the election mechanism we have used thus far has only allowed a single name (first name, last name) to be listed for each nominee. Members have voiced concern that this has made it difficult for voters to identify candidates generally known only by their air name (or by more than one air name) rather than their legal name. We are currently in discussion with our election vendor on this issue and expect to announce a solution before the beginning of voting on November 1, 2014. Be sure you include any air name you believe should be listed for your nominee on the Nomination Form; it is helpful if you can link an air name(s) to the call letters where it/they were used.

A final reminder: To participate in the nomination/election process you must be a full member and your membership must be active. July 1 is also the beginning of our membership year. If you have not renewed your membership, you must do so before submitting any nominations.

Thank you for your participation in this process. We look forward to inducting another great class of Tennesse Radio Stars at our induction banquet on May 2, 2015. Mark your calendar!

Dave Nichols
Historian and Election Coordinator

  24-Hours that changed WWII on WCOR/Lebanon
When WCOR/WANT-FM Lebanon owner Susie James was clearing out her dad's WAMB/Nashville studios in May (See last month's newsletter for THAT story), among the many historic finds she discovered was a set of tapes containing 24 hours of audio recorded on D-Day at a CBS radio network affiliate, in real time, with all the commercials, radio serials, and newscasts as they unfolded on June 6, 1944.  

A date on a ragged cue sheet indicated that the tapes had been at the station since 1991, and to her knowledge, very few stations across the country had any plans to re-air these precious recordings.  But for 24 hours, 70 years later, on June 6, 2014 WCOR/Lebanon time warped back to the day the world was glued to the radio. Newschannel5/WTVF in Nashville did a feature story about it:

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     The next meeting is Saturday July 12th for the Board of Directors ONLY at the TAB headquarters in Nashville.  Check "Events" on our website.   


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